North Augusta Using Playoff Ban As Motivation

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Wednesday Dec. 10, 2008
They are the only school in the area who knows exactly when their basketball season will end, North Augusta. After teammates were trying to help Bryan Narcisse get a scholarship to Clemson, unknowingly violated a state rule. While the players were reinstated and allowed to play, the team was banned from the state playoffs.

It for sure left a sour taste in the mouths of the kids returning, but also is serving as the motivation. While they know the season ends in mid February, they'd like to go out and prove to the rest the best team around isn't playing for a title.

"We were trying to go undefeated, that was our goal." said senior Brandon Curry "Prove to everybody we should be in the playoffs and everything and we can get them back, but we lost. We're still going to go out there and play hard every game."

"It's hard on the kids, especially on the seniors but I think they've responded very well" said coach Al Young "I don't know if I'm surprised because these are good kids and they understand what this is all about. I'm just real happy that their attitude has been good and they've been working as hard as they are."

With a pretty good nucleus returning, no reason to think North Augusta won't be good again. Coach Al Young is confident the kids have put the past behind them and are focusing on getting the job done on a nightly basis. Yellow Jackets entertain Midland Valley on Saturday.