Lynx Players and Coach Look to Move On

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"I"m disappointed, I love the game." said coach John Marks "Now I have to look for a job. I guess I'll be down on Greene Street at the unemployment office in a day or two and file for unemployment."

It's the day after the Augusta Lynx set E.C.H.L. history and none of it in a good way. The first team in league history to fold mid-season leaving Augusta without a hockey team for the first time in 11 years. Leaving players and coach's wondering what's next.

Today the locker room was cleared out and players were going through last minute exit interviews and physicals. Since the league decided not to run the team, the players immediately become free agents and can sign with any one, any place. Whether that happens at this point in time, that's another story.

"Everybody's going to find a spot" said Lynx forward Matt Auffrey "We had good players here so I don't think anybody's too worried. Some guys have degrees and maybe that's the direction that their life is taking them so things will work out, everything happens for a reason."

For now former head coach John Marks, this isn't all that knew. He was head man at Greenville when they folded two years ago, was in Pensecola last season, they're no longer around, and now Augusta. This one stings a little more because of timing. Not a lot of coaching vacancies can be found mid-season.

"It's the timing that makes me more angry" said Lynx coach John Marks "There just isn't many positions to speak of that are available. If someone unfortunately loses a job in this field then I'll be applying for it. That's the sad part of it, you become a vulture."

It was, as the owners called it, the perfect storm that led to the team's disbanding. Bad economic times leading to lack of sponsorships and simply put, not the greatest attendance. When those are your two sources of income, tough to pay the bills when both are lacking.