Lynx Future In Serious Doubt

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"When we originally bought this team, we bought the team for the community. Said co-owner Jan Hodges-Burch "We felt it was a wonderful source for entertainment for the area first off and I'm sad to say there's a lot of things that have happened that we really weren't expecting, possibly to the tune of $2.4 million dollars."

Emotions running high Friday afternoon with the Augusta Lynx as the team did not paint the brightest picture about the future of the team in Augusta. That includes even whether or not they'll last the year or the next month. The losses are adding up as you heard.

To that end, current owners Jan and Robert Burch along with Dan Troutman have been beating the streets so to speak trying to find investors and even new owners for the team. So far, it's been unsuccessful. They've been working with the league to change some financial deadlines, but the numbers aren't adding up to make it work and we're talking days not months for things needing to change.

"It's certainly days and a lot of it will have to do with what we can present to the league. We need to be able to assure them we can go forward and meet our commitments and right now I can't do that today. Might be able to tomorrow, might be able to Monday. Certainly can if we have someone step up and join us." said Lynx co-owner Dan Troutman

Lynx owners are talking with two potential buyers and are hoping things work out in the very near future. If things don't and they don't have the money to pay the bills co-owner Dan Troutman said they'd turn in their membership and the ECHL would then decide whether or not to continue the franchise or disband it all together. Lynx are home Saturday night against Charlotte