Three area standouts take game to next level

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They were superstars during their high school playing days, all-Americans at the college level, and now are making names for themselves in the NFL. Kendrell Bell, Thomas Davis, and Carlos Rogers are three area standouts taking their game to the next level.

Saturday the three of them took the opportunity to sign autographs and meet the public at the Nextel store on Washington Road. Bell, who played his high school ball at Laney, is the senior member of the trio, with this being his sixth year in the league. After spending four with the Steelers, he's now in a Kansas City uniform under the tutelage of Herman Edwards.

"From the defensive side of the ball it's always good to have a coach who wants to be involved and he knows what he wants," Bell says. "If we have a question, we ask him and if it doesn't work, it's his fault so definitely we're doing well with his scheme of things and simplifying things for the linebackers."

For Davis, who stared at Georgia, he's enjoying success with Carolina. In his rookie campaign, Davis came up with 31 tackles and a sack. He was also a win away from playing in the Super Bowl. Needless to say that's what drives these guys: getting to the big party.

"We have some guys this year that we feel like we can get us over the hump," Davis says. "Adding Keyshawn Johnson and a couple of defensive players we're really looking forward to giving it a run this year"

It's also Carlos Rogers' second year in the league with Washington. The former first round draft pick came up with two interceptions in his rookie campaign. Rogers was a standout at Butler High.