High School Teammates, College Rivals

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Monday Oct. 20, 2008
By now we know there's plenty of area kids playing Division One football all over the country. From Harvard to Florida. This past weekend's Georgia-Vanderbilt game featured a number of those kids, two of them were once teammates.

Justin Wheeler and CJ Byrd both suited up for North Augusta a few years back. Now Byrd is a defensive back for Georgia, Wheeler, a receiver for Vandy. At times they lined up against each other. Even thought they're now rivals, they still keep in touch.

"We text each other back and forth every now and then so we definitely stay in touch" said Justin Wheeler "This is actually the first time we've went against each other. We were always on the same team so it was fun."

"His family were in the stands, my family. You know it's fun playing against a guy like that, especially a great competitor. He's a great receiver, whatever comes his way, he's going to catch it so I thought he did good today (Saturday)"

Wheeler actaully has a year to go with the Commodores after redshirting. CJ, he graduates in the spring.