Lynx On Home Ice To Practice

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Tuesday Oct. 7, 2008
Augusta, Ga--After a brief, one day practice in the Columbia area, the Augusta Lynx back at the James Brown Arena for the first time this year. Hard to believe hockey season has arrived.

To be honest, the arena wasn't quite ready for practice number one, only the back glass was in place as the Lynx took to the J.B.A. ice this afternoon. Going to be a different look to the team, as you might expect. First and foremost, a new coach, John Marks, the winningest coach in league history takes over. When the season starts next week expect about a half dozen familiar faces in uniform for the Lynx. Matt Auffrey and Aaron Slattengren, just two of them. One noticeable change you'll see, size and plenty of it.

"That's what hockey is all about, speed and finesse and also being tough at the same time so hopefully we bring that." said Matt Auffrey

"This rink is just a little smaller ice surface then most of the buildings we play in" said coach John Marks "So size can be a postivie factor for you and I know fans enjoy players that'll get involved so hopefully we have that kind of character to do that."

Lynx do have a couple of preseason games this weekend. You'll need to donate some blood to get into Friday nights game. Saturday's open to anyone and free of charge. The price is right!