Lynx Set Date To Hit The Ice

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Saturday, October 4, 2008.

The Augusta Lynx will take the ice for the first time in the 2008-09 season on Monday, Oct. 6, Head Coach and Director of Hockey Operations John Marks announced today.

“We had some ice issues we needed to get worked out that wound up causing a little delay, but we’re all squared away now,” Marks said. “I’m looking forward to seeing what these guys can do and selecting the best possible team for this season.”

The Lynx have six players from last year’s club currently returning for camp this season, including defensemen Tim Branham, Chris Brooks, BJ Crum and Jamie McKinven, as well as forwards Matt Auffrey and Aaron Slattengren. Twenty-one other players have also been invited to camp, including four goaltenders, 10 defensemen, and13 forwards. A current training camp roster is attached.

Due to ice complications in Augusta, the team will practice on Monday, Oct. 6 and Tuesday, Oct. 7 in Columbia, S.C. before tentatively returning to the James Brown Arena in Augusta on Wednesday, Oct. 8.

Fans will have their first chance to see their 2008-09 Augusta Lynx in action on Friday, Oct 10 as the Lynx take on the Gwinnett Gladiators at 7:30 p.m. Fans are eligible for a free ticket for that game by stopping by any Shepeard Community Blood Center location or mobile unit throughout the CSRA. For a list of Shepeard locations, please visit