Tech Basketball Coach Paul Hewitt In Augusta

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Thursday Oct. 2, 2008
Augusta, Ga-- It's hard to believe, but the college basketball season starts soon. real soon. First practice on the 15th, that's how soon. Today, the Greater Augusta Sports Council was playing host to their annual tip off luncheon. The guest speaker, Georgia Tech's Paul Hewitt.

Several area coaches were on hand for today's get together, to talk shop, to catch up with old friends, and hear from the head man for the Yellow Jackets. With guys like Zach Peacock, Lewis Clinch, Mo Miller and Gani Lawal all returning this could be the year Tech returns to the tournament

"I think we have a very good team in terms of shooting the basketball" said Paul Hewitt "Probably on paper, not a great rebounding team but I like our corp of big guys. They're all athletic and they all run really well. But the one area, if you're going to look at it on paper to evaluate, then you say well the rebounding numbers don't look impressive but I like the corp that we have so if we stay healthy and keep everybody in tact I think we'll have a terrific year."

Hard to believe this is Hewitt's eight year at the helm. He did say, ACC rival North Carolina should be a consensus number one when the season starts.