WNBA star talks to Aiken kids, teens

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News 12 at 11 o'clock, September 30, 2008

AIKEN, S.C.---Allison Feaster grew up in the small town of Chester, South Carolina and now she gets paid to do what she loves, play basketball and inspire the young people.

Hands waving in the air, all hoping to get Allison Feaster, the basketball star, to answer their question. "It's really cool because I don't meet anybody famous like that, so it was really exciting," says seventeen year old South Aiken student, Leah Holloway.

Exciting, and for Leah Holloway, she really appreciates Allison spending time with them. "It's a great honor, we need more people like her to come and talk to the youth in the city. They're great role models and they inspire the youth today," says Holloway.

Applause for a woman who plays basketball around the Nation, and around the World. But years ago, Allison was just like these boys and girls. "I'm someone from South Carolina, a small town in South Carolina, I've been through a lot of what they're going through now and I'm them," says Allison Feaster.

She fielded questions and signed autographs, and tried to leave them with something more. "The most important message is that hard work and dedication and believing in yourself you really can have whatever you want in life," says Allison.

A message she feels is important for kids and teenagers. "I can remember wanting to spend all night on the telephone instead of doing my homework. I can remember wanting to go to the movies or to even sneak out of the house. I can definitely relate and remember what it was like," says Allison.

And now, the cheering will continue for Allison once Indiana's season starts in 2009. She's got some brand new fans down south. "I'm gonna be like, ya'll I met her! I met her! I know her!" Exclaims Holloway.

Allison's visit was sponsored by the ShadeTree Home for Girls in Edgefield.

Allison lives in Charlotte with her husband -- also a pro basketball player and their two year old daughter, Sarah.

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