No Augusta Colts In 2009, Plan To Return In 2010

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Wednesday Sept. 24, 2008
Augusta, Ga--The Augusta Colts will not play arena league football in 2009 as the team continues to work things out financially and reach a lease agreement with the James Brown Arena.

Colts owner John Sission told News 12, the late addition of Global Spectrum in taking over the management of the Arena and the tight timetable the Arena Indoor Football Association had, made for the tough decision not to play in 2009. The Colts are also still working out things involving former coach Bubba Diggs.

Sission did say the team still has public appearances scheduled and have already started talks with Global Spectrum about a lease deal for the 2010 season as they have every intention of playing. The League understands the situation and is supporting Colts ownership in the decision to not play this year and actually Sission indicated the team has paid its league dues for the upcoming year, despite them not playing.