Augusta Prep Volleyball Fills The Football Void

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Tuesday Sept. 23, 2008
At most high schools, the most popular fall sport is football. What if the school has no football? That's the story of Augusta Prep's volleyball team which fills the void just fine.

"We have two goals at Augusta Prep, first, win the region title and then, win a state title." said head coach Rich Bland

Yeah, talk about lofty goals every season but for the girls of the Augusta Prep volleyball team, those goals are reachable. In fact, they've been reached the past two seasons. And for a school that has no football in the fall, going for a state title for a third year in a row sure makes for some pressure

"Two-time state champs is a feat by itself." said senior Chelsea Fechter "Not only do we have pressure from our coaches and former teammates but here, we don't have no football so volleyball is football so everyone here is supporting so we're definitely not doing it for ourselves. We're defintiely doing it for our school. It's a lot of people to make happy.'

"The pressure that is what the team and the girls have on themselves. We've built a program over the years where we have won the region every year, we've ben in the final four every season and won the last two so we put that pressure on ourselves." added coach Bland

So what makes this team so good? Well, first off, it could be that they are the best conditioned team in the state. The girls run nearly 30 minutes before each practice. Or maybe it's just that these girls just love being around each other, on and off the court

"We're crazy. We do everything from eating fruit roll-ups when we know we really shouldn't and listening to the Backstreet Boys insanely." said Alex Taitch

And despite losing four seniors from last year's championship squad, the chances to three-peat are looking good so far

"Being a senior, the leadership the seniors have had and the leadership of the upperclassmen. And the freshmen, getting them going. Things couldn't be looking better." said senior Jen Hickson