Texas Girl Head And Shoulders Above The Competition

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News 12 @ 6 Wednesday, July 30, 2008

North Augusta, SC--Imagine being 6-8 and being able to dunk with the best of them. Imagine now that person that's doing it is a girl. That's the case with one of the top prospects in the nation at this week's Nike Natioanls.

Brittany Griner is her name, and she's on a team from the dallas-fort worth area in this week's nike nationals. Needless to say griner is getting plenty of attention and turning lots of heads. Heck, she still does that on the high school court back home in the Houston area.

"Sometimes they say stuff to me during a game" said Brittany Griner "Like one game, one girl was like you're big, and I was like umm, we're in the middle of the game, you can tell me that afterwards"

Griner has been able to dunk for several years now and has played in plenty of summer leagues showing off her talents and looking to improve. Seeing some of the college coaches on the sidelines was intimidating at first.

"My first game, my coach noticed I was running down the court and I kept looking off to the sides at the coaches. I was like wow this coach is sitting right here. But now I've been doing it for a while so I really don't pay attention" added Griner.

Griner will be a senior and has verbally committed to Baylor. While the dunks are impressive, she's even more of a factor of defesne and is still working to get better. Nike Nationals wrap up this evening in North Augusta.