Putting Dooms Field

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The difference between Mickelson winning and finishing back in the pack was simple...putting and putting well. To win at the National, you have to.

Ask Tiger Woods, ask Fred Couples--they'll tell ya. Woods was 33rd in putting yesterday, Couples 34th and last for the tourney. If you can't putt well, you're not going to win. Woods was so frustrated he almost let it go late in the day.

"I was about ready to break my putter right there on the spot and putt with any club," Woods says. "I could hit a flop shot because I could care less at the time, that was about my state of mind. It was really frustrating that something that's been the hallmark of my game, making putts, all of a sudden I don't make putts...that was very frustrating."

"If Phil was putting for me he would have won at 9 or 10 under. That's the way I feel. I left so many shots on the course, but they're not gimmes," says Couples.

Mickelson finished 16th in putting for the tournament while runner up Tim Clark was 10th, not a big surprise as well as he played.