Amateur Clay Ogden looks forward to excitement

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Unlike a lot of tournaments, the Masters invites a number of amateurs as a reward to solid play during big events.

This year, five have been invited. One of them is 21-year-old Clay Ogden, who's currently on the BYU golf team.

Ogden is the youngest player in the field and gets in by winning the US Public Links championship. In the event, he trailed by four holes after the first nine in the 36-hole event. Even before the finals though, he eliminated Michelle Wie. So he's used to a little pressure that accompanies a golf tournament.

"When you have never done something like this before, obviously you don't know what do to, but I think that helped a little bit because I have some exposure to the media," Ogden says.

Even more interesting, Ogden wasn't even good enough to be on the traveling team that much at BYU. This week, his father will be on the bag making it a magical moment for the entire family.

"He gets me to not get too worked up over a shot or anything," Ogden says. "It's nice to talk and relax in between shots."

And just to have a little fun, this is the 20-year anniversary of Jack Nicklaus's Masters win...back when Clay was all of two years old! Sorry Clay...couldn't resist.