Players see changes to Augusta National

Players and fans arriving for their first day at the course are being greeted by some major changes this year.

While everyone was busy with vacation this past summer, the folks at Augusta National were busy too...reshaping the golf course.

But in true Augusta fashion, you'll have to look carefully to notice the changes.

It's a side of Augusta National you never get to see...the legendary course under construction.

The bulldozers were busy this summer with major changes on 6 holes.

It's hard to imagine Augusta National looking like this, especially when you see it now.

Take the first tee for example.

For the players, those opening drive jitters just got a lot worse.

The first tee is now about 20 yards from where it used to be, which means more players may get into trouble.

This year, more players may find their ball in this huge bunker.

It used to take a 300-yard drive to avoid this trouble.

And they added trees to the other side of the fairway forcing golfers to hit it long and straight.

We might not notice all the changes right away, but the players will.

The Augusta National, legendary for its lightning-fast greens, a place where putts can end up in a creek, is now one of the longest for a major championship at 7,445 yards.

It was a major overhaul, with a new look on holes with names like Tea Olive, Flowering Crab Apple, Pampas, and White Dogwood.

They've become masters at making change look like it's been this way for years.