Profile: Masters Rookie Sean O'Hair

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At age 23, Masters rookie Sean O'Hair has been through a lot. That's just off the course. On the course he's one of the young up-and-comers with a bright future.

"That's kind of my dream, to go to the Daytona 500. That would be pretty awesome," says O'Hair.

Sean O'Hair's life has been in the fast lane. The reigning rookie of the year dreams of going to Daytona and watching the likes of Earnhardt and Stewart race...while his career has raced to Augusta and the Masters.

"It's pretty special...something I'll always remember, and obviously I'm very excited and look forward to it," O'Hair says.

Reaching this dream didn't come without a steep price...namely his relationship with his father. Marc O'Hair pulled his son out of school and put him through boot camp-like workouts to make him the best possible golfer. At age 17 he turned pro. The two no longer talk. Instead, Sean has turned to his father in-law, who's now his caddy.

"He kind of keeps my mind where it needs to be, and that's why he's on the bag," O'Hair says. "Anybody can club you or tell you how far it is to the pin, but it takes a special person to keep you mentally sharp or mentally in the shot and he does a good job of that."

With that in the past, the 23 year old went out and won the John Deere Classic last year. He's hoping the experience gained will help in his sophomore season on tour.

"Hopefully it makes you a little better player, and this year I feel like I'm a better player already, and we're just going to stay patient and hopefully we'll have a better year this year," O'Hair says.

To win at the National, many feel you need plenty of experience. O'Hair thinks otherwise.

"I've never played there before, which I can really think is an advantage, because what I hear it's playing so much different then what it has ever played. I think that works as an advantage to me, and hopefully it works out...I just look forward to playing there and being in the tournament," he says.