Winkler Headed To The White House

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Tuesday July 8, 2008
Grovetown, Ga--Paralympic hopeful, and the World and Americas Adaptive Shot Put Record Holder, Scott Winkler has been invited to the White House for a gala diner July 21, 2008.

President George W. Bush has invited a few select men and women scheduled to compete in the Paralympic and Olympic Games. There will be fanfare and fine cuisine as the small group is honored by the President. Winkler said of the soiree, “It was real casual. I answered the phone and it was someone asking me if I was able to attend. I said sure!”

For this rising athlete, this is not the first sit-down Winkler’s had with the Bush family. A few months ago, while being honored with a position upon the Paralympic Ambassadors Committee, Winkler dined with the presidents parents; Ex-President George and former First Lady Barbara Bush. Winkler’s wit escaped him, “I ate with his parents, now I get to meet the son.”

The menu and travel plans are en route. Winkler has a few days to decide between the prime rib or seafood. He half-joked that as he is in training perhaps they’d allow him his customary two plate dinner.

Upon his return he repacks and heads off to Omaha Nebraska for the National VA Wheelchair Games. He’s competing in shot put discus and basketball. Winkler will close out the competition with a day dedicated to teaching at Kid’s Day. “It’s a great time. Disabled kids are introduced to and get to enjoy adaptive sports like racing and an obstacle course.”

After the VA Games it is back to vigorous training for his departure August 21 to China for a two-week acclamation period for the 2008 Paralympic Games.