Mega Soccer Club Comes Together

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News 12 @ 6 Tuesday July 1, 2008
(Evans,Ga)--Sometimes to make a sport better, you need to take the most kids possible, bring 'em together under one program and go from there. For one area soccer club, that's just what's happening. Early results, goal!

Take soccer clubs from Columbia County, North Augusta, and Aiken. Mix them together. Sprinkle in a Hawaiian feel. What do you come up with ? The Georgia-South Carolina Bulls.

"We started talks with some other local clubs who were very supportive and its something this community was looking to do" said Wes Meadows "To try to pool all the players, all the coaches and the staff together to form a bigger club in the CSRA so we have a bigger pool of players and coaches."

Wes Meadows is the man behind the program. Born and raised in the area, Meadows spent three years in Hawaii where he came upon the Bulls soccer club. When he moved back, he wanted to start up a similar program. Pretty much everyone was on board from the start.

"This is actually a very unique group of people in this area because our coaches that we have are completely on board. They have been phonomenal, and they're the people who will actually tap you on the back and say what more can I do to help." added Meadows

In it's first year, the Bulls have around 450 kids taking part. Ages range from 7 to 18.

"I've been playing for the (Augusta) Arsenal since the third grade, but then all these teams joined together and we thought the training was really good over here so we wanted to come over here." said 13 year old Meghan Lemmen

"Well my dad started playing soccer when he was young." added 12 year old Daniel Zaremba "Well, the joining of the club because we have more players."

Daniel is one of a half dozen or so headed to California later this summer to join with the Hawaiian Bulls to play in a tournament. It's part of the club philosophy of bringing different cultures together.

"One of the most important things about the Bulls philosophy from a soccer sense and from a lifestyle sense is that the culture that it creates inside the club for the players for the parents, for the coaches, and help them develop these kids." said Meadows.

"It's just a good club." added Lemmen "They do really good training and I like how they have different trainings for different things like the fast footwork that we're doing now is really good for us. The Arsenal never gave us that."

The Bulls are actually hosting soccer camps the next three weeks. One will be at Blanchard Woods Park, then Riverview Park in North Augusta and then Citizens Park in Aiken.