Cinderella Story On The Links

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News 12 @ 11 Friday June 27, 2008

(Evans, Ga--) Being a successfull golfer takes years and years of hard work , and a little luck along the way. For Brad Arrington, he's become a cindella story who in a couple of short years has done some amazing things include qualify for the U.S. Public Links Championship.

"I know my mother would be really proud of me even though she's not here with me today" said Brad Arrington "It's another reason why I kept up with golf because she told me right before she passed away, she said put in enough effort and you'll succeed."

Brad Arrington's mom would be proud of Brad. Arrington lost her to cancer when he was 14. She could have only imagined what he's been able to pull off in recent weeks.

"I mean it was funny because about four or five days later I was still on cloud nine. I was like man, only 154 players out of the nation get to go to this thing and I'm one of them! Three years ago, if you look at my swing it looks like I don't even know what I'm doing." added Arrington

That's where the amazing part kicks in. Check it out, on your left, his swing from just three years ago when he could barely break 90. The right, his swing today. A ton of hard work at the International Golf Academy at Jones creek has paid off.

"He works very hard at it, very long days, I never have to tell him he has to work at it which is a good thing. But for him to accomplish what he's done in three years is pretty amazing." said golf coach Greg Melvin

So in July Brad goes to Colorado to play. The winner gets the automatic invite to The Masters. You see, Brad's mom use to work at Augusta National and he played there a couple of times.

"She invited me twice" said Brad "I played it when I was 10 and 12. I was 12 years old I remember I birdied number four from the members tees. I have a picture of it next to my bed. I get chill bones everytime I think about it.

Could you imagine if he pulls this off?

"I'm sure she'll continue to look over me when I'm in Colorado but I'll just try to come back with a win hopefully." said Arrington Public links starts july 14th as the cinderella story hopes to pick up where he left off.