From Barnwell to Europe, all to play soccer

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News 12 @ 6, June 24, 2008

BARNWELL -- One youth girls soccer team is getting the chance of a lifetime. A team from Barnwell is heading to Europe to take on some of the top teams in the world.

As the ball goes into the net, this team is one step closer to taking their game to new heights. The Barnwell girls under 16 soccer team is making it's way out of Barnwell and onto the field, in Europe.

"Many people on American soil dream of going over there to kick a ball on a piece of grass and don't get a chance. And for these girls to get the opportunity at the age of 15, its unbelievable." said coach Randy Reece.

The girls have spent all spring training to get ready for the 12 day trip. They'll play teams from Scotland, Northern Ireland and London's own under 16 Manchester United girls team.

"I'm really, really excited because no one from Barnwell soccer has ever done anything like that." said Pender Nolind.

"Everybody says they're scared, then again its going to be really fun." added Olivia Ray

But their biggest concern isn't getting on the field against the competition, it's getting to England.

"Airplanes are my biggest fears." said Blakeney Sanders

"Kind of because Randy's told us alot of things about turbulence."

"I just hope we don't crash that's all!"

While getting to England is a concern, it's still the chance of a lifetime for the girls.

"Getting to see the different sights they're going to get to see because its something she wouldn't be able to do otherwise." said soccer mom Michell Sanders.

As the girls prepare to play the best in the world, they hope to create life long memories.

"Its my hope the girls carry with them the rest of their lives what they're going to learn in the next eighteen days." added coach Reece.

The team has been doing fundraisers pretty much every weekend to help cover the costs. The girls leave for Europe on July 6th where they'll play six games. They'll return on the 18th.

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