19 Year Old Leads Greenjackets Offense

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Friday June 20, 2008

Augusta, Ga--It can be kind of intimidating to be 19 and all of a sudden playing professional baseball for a living and far from home. For the Augusta Greenjackets, they actually have a handfull of teenagers. One of the best rigth now, Nick Noonan.

The Jacket shortstop is one of the top prospect in the whole organization and is proving why over the last couple of months. After a tough start, part of it a new environment, Noonan has really stepped up. Currently a 14 game hit streak that's pushed his batting average to near 300. He's found a comfort zone in Augusta.

"I'm really being patient at the plate" said Nick Noonan "Swinging at bad pitches has been kind of my weakness this year so far. In the past month and a half or so, I've really been selective and getting good pitches to hit."

Noonan did play in the Arizona League a year ago, so being away from home isn't totally new.