2010 disappointment fuels Aquinas playoff run

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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Augusta, GA - The monkey's off their back. For the first time since 2005, Aquinas is playoff bound, and for the first time ever, the Fighting Irish are hosting that playoff game. Don't think it's been easy, though.

The Irish came into the final game last year with a win and get in scenario, but they couldn't get it done. They went home, and that experience makes this year's success that much sweeter.

"It does make it a lot more special because this year we're showing everyone that we are here," said senior Alden Sullivan. "we are here to play football and that we are going to make it farther than anyone ever thought we were going to make it."

Junior Brendan Douglas added, "I guess it was our time, and we'd been kind of on the short end the past couple years. It was good to get a playoff berth, and it's good to be there."

Even though the team has no playoff experience, they have the right idea when it comes to understanding how to win a playoff game, and it all comes from their coach.

"They know that we do have unfinished business, that we need to go and we need to play hard, and we need to try to make a run," said Head Coach Matt LeZotte. "The goal is to make the playoffs, and it's a one game season from here on out. Every game is our Super Bowl so that's how we're going to prepare."

It all starts with Athens Academy. The Spartans are making their fifteenth straight trip to the postseason.