Athletes The Most Superstitious People Around

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News 12 @ 6 Friday June 13, 2008
Black cats, walking under ladders and broken mirros. All stuff on a Friday the 13th that'll drive you to the funny farm! If you think you're superstitious, you've got nothing on athletes.

One of the most noteable superstitions is hockey players growing beards for the palyoffs. It's good luck, so they say. Guys will go a month or longer until their eliminated or win the Stanley Cup. That's normal. The bizarre, ask Greenjacket pitching coach and former big leaguer Ross Grimsley.

"In Cincinnati there was a witch that sent me a stone" said Ross Grimsley "I think I won about six games in a row."

Then the media finds out about the rocks.

"It was in the papers and next thing you know I'm a warlock or something" added Grimsley

Alright then. Other baseball ones include jumping over lines to get on and off the field and staying away from a pitcher throwing a no-hitter in the dugout. Everyone's got one.

Basketball and Augusta State's not immune. Big guy Garret Siler, it's aobut what and where he eats.

"It's all mental but I always have to make sure I take my nap and I try to eat Super Salad everytime. They know me by name over there" said Garret Siler

Hey, keep doing it big fellla. Ben Madgen, yea a little different.

"I have a couple of embarrassing ones" said Ben Madgen "I have the same tights I wore every game for two seasons since I've been here, like game tights. That's probably a little dirty."

How about hand shakes and Howard Brown. Oh no.

"My superstition is this" said Howard Brown "Before a game I can't touch somebody's hand, like the front of their hands. I always touch the back of their hands at least twice before each game because if I touch the front, they're shooting might be off or somethign like that."

After interviewing Howard, I shook his hand and he promply wiped it off on his shorts. Had to be the back hand slap.