North Augusta Basketball Wins One Appeal, Loses the Other

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News 12 @ 6 Wednesday June 11, 2008
North Augusta, SC-- The South Carolina High School League voted to reinstate the nine North Augusta basketball players following a hearing on Wednesday but also upheld their ban of the Yellow Jackets from taking part in any pre and post season basketball tournaments.

The whole ordeal started when North Augusta players were helping Brian Narcisse get a scholarship to go to Clemson. Unknown to those involved, they broke a high school league rule on the number of players who could participate. The school said all along it was an innocent mistake and filed an appeal to the state.

On Wednesday the state voted unanimously to reinstate the nine players suspended but also voted unanimously to uphold the ban on tournament play for the Jackets. Athletic Director Mike Snyder told News 12 he was happy the players were reinstated, but was disappointed about the ban and said the school has received no reason why that was kept in place.