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News 12 @ 11 Thursday June 5, 2008

Evans, Ga--Flying through the air with the greatest of ease, and no we're not talking about the circus. For about 10 kids this week, they've been soaring through the air via the pole vault.

"I was in 9th grade and I went up to my track coach and I was like can I try it and I went up and didn't even barely get on the mat, so I just kept working with it and now I can clear 10 feet." said Ross Daniels

It might not sound like a huge height, but for Waynesboro's Ross Daniels, he's actually gone to teh state track meet in the pole vault. This week he's trying to get better at pole vault camp.

"Trying to get the pole vault back into the high schools and that its something safe to do" said coach Scott Hinds "and coachable as well so you get good results
with the kids trying to jump high."

About 10 people have been taking part, some experienced like Matt Gooding, others beginners, like Michael Bork who first took up the pole vault on Monday. It's not detering him of setting his sights high.

"I've cleared eight feet and I hear 12 feet is pretty decent so I'm sort of aiming for that and hopefully higher after that" said Michael Borke

"It's the transition between running with that pole and then jamming it in that box as they like to say, and trying to turn that into a verticle movement" added coach Hinds "It's the dauntingness of that pole because it looks so big and how am I going to be able to do this, especially for a beginer.

Since pole vaulting isn't exactly the popular sport its is elsewhere, the camp is tailored to the athletes ability. All trying to just make them better.

"I can't make any promises that you can increase two feet over your current height or you'll be jumping incredible heights the first time you pick up the pole but we are having some success here with a few of the people here jumping." added Scott Hinds

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