Otero Shines Brightly Out of The Greenjacket Bullpen

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News 12 @ 6 Tuesday May 3, 2008
When the Augusta Greenjackets take the field tonight and if you happen to be headed to the game yor may want to stick around til the end. If it's close and the Jackets are winning, you'll probably see one of the best pitchers in the league, Danny Otero.

Otero has pitched a total of 22 innings and has yet to allow a run. Yor can't get much better folks. Take it another step and Otero has struck out 22 while walking just two guys. While he's happy with what's he's accomplished, Otero also knows he needs to get better.

"I mean I can only be pleased with what I'm doing so far and I have to build on it" said reliever Danny Otero "I can't be too pleased with my performance because there's always room for improvement so I have to keep on working hard and hopefully keep it up the rest of the year."

"Well he throws strikes" said pitching coach Ross Grimsley "That's one of the things when always talking to people, they ask why is this guy doing so well, it's because they throw the ball over the plate, they throw strikes and they're aggressive."