Aiken Gymnist Shines For Georgia

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News 12 @ 6 Thursday May 22, 2008

Aiken, SC --Grace Taylor of Aiken has accomplished more in 20 years then most people will in a lifetime. Plenty of gymnastics titles and even a national title. Pretty impressive.

Her name pretty much says it all, Grace. When it comes to gymnastics, Grace Taylor is one of the best. A couple of weeks ago, she claimed the NCAA title on the balance beam.

"I don't neccessarly remember the routine" said Grace Taylor " Most of my beam routines that I land and the good ones, I don't even know what happened. I'll be like I'd cross my fingers and hope I didn't forget a part because it's over in a flash."

Taylor grew up at Aiken Gymnastics with coach Draha Kriz. Been going since the age of four. Now when she returns, it's got a different feel, all for the good.

"The all come up to me and give me a big hug and I get the biggest smile, they're like Gracie...then there's the little, little girls that I didn't even know and one came up to me and goes high Grace Taylor" Taylor says laughing "and I'm like I'm Grace, you can call me Grace."

Taylor's the first South Carolina gymnist to be Eastern Nationals all-around champ. She was 11. A couple of years later, she won the Junior Olympic National title. The awards are adding up.

"I'm only home for a little over a week and my mom and I had to clean out our attic and it's just filled with pictures, trophies, and little do-dads and gadgets from all the meets growing up and there's just not enough room for it. my mom is like you've won too many awards Grace! We don't have anyplace to put these things."

For the time being Taylor is focusing on her studies at Georgia, then back to work in the gym with hopes of another national title.