Aiken Boxing Club Teaches Life Lessons

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News 12 @ 6 Tuesday May 6, 2008

Aiken, SC For most kids sports is a way to enjoy life outside of school and have some fun, for many at the Aiken Boxing Club, it's so much more.

Meet 16 year old Javier Frazier, member of the Aiken Boxing Club. Without the club, Frazier knows he'd probably be in big trouble.

"This is like the good road for me" said Javier Frazier " I was like going away from the good, but this brought me back to it."

He's not alone.

"I use to have a terrible attitude." said 22 year old Aundre Williams. "Boxing helped me, I guess, release my madness on the bag. Ms Green and everyone, they helped me in school, made me pay more attention in school, stop me from being so stubborn."

The kids at the Aiken Boxing Club give all the credit in the world to Wanda and LeRoy Green who give guidence and a safe haven for kids of pretty much any age.

"Just to have it as an alternative to the drugs and to the gangs and stuff. So here we do more then boxing." said LeRoy Green

"This is not only a boxing club, this is almost like a school away from a school too. We have classrooms and stuff like that. We learn about life, it's the total package." added Frazier

"When we calculate time versus child, just to see that change, I think that's the biggest reward a person could ever want." added a smiling Green

There's about 40 active members in the club and have had plenty of success in the ring, just check out the trophies. But everyone here knows the true success comes outside the ring, thanks to the Green's.

"It's a home away from home. When we go out of town I don't think any parents are worried about it because (the Green's) are like mom and dad away from mom and dad." said Williams.

The Aiken Boxing Club is sponsoring a Junior Olympic state qualifying event this weekend. In addition to the amateurs on friday, there will also be five pro bouts later that night. Winners from this week go onto a regional tournament with nationals down the road.