ARC Honors Legendary Baseball Coach

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News 12 @ 6 Monday April 21, 2008

Augusta, Ga--It's in the record books as one of the greatest high school baseball feats of all time. From 1951 to 1957 Richmond Academy won an unprecented seven straight state titles. Today, the school is honoring the man behind it all, coach A.L. Williams.

Prior to Mondays game with Westside, the school took moment and recognize Williams' impressive feat, which still stands as a state record and is the second longest such streak nationwide. Many of his former players, including big league pitcher Jack Fisher, were on hand to help celebrate the accomplishments and honor Williams.

"I remember all of those years that we won, yea, they meant a lot to me" said former coach A.L. Williams. "Of course I never got a basehit, never scored a run, I made a number of errors but my boys took care of me when I did. I had lots of good boys."

Williams, who's now 88, has lost his sight, but still is pretty much on top of things and has a sharp memory. Fisher, himself is a baseball legend having spent a number of years in the big leagues pitching for several teams during his playing days was also honored this afternoon.