Masters Eve

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April 6, 2008

AUGUSTA, GA---The most beautiful golf course in the world is still off limits to the public at large for a few hours at least and some of golf's best players are enjoying one final relaxing day before the real tournament prep begins.

"It's very peaceful out here, there's not too much going on," says Todd Hamilton, playing in his fifth Masters. "There still trying to prepare the course for tomorrow and the grounds. There's not many people to fight through, crowd-wise. None, actually."

When else will a two-year-old like little Casper be able to help his dad figure out the break of the greens. For a Masters first timer like Soren Hansen, playing with his son at the National is one of the priceless memories that could only happen on the Sunday before. Even if his son doesn't understand how special it is.

"No, not at all," says the elder Hansen. "No Clue. I'm sure he'll realize when he sees the pictures."
"If he knew where he was..." mom Anne Haghfelt says with a smile. "It must be fun for him if he can look back the pictures and say, wow!"

They say God is in the details and if that's the case, there is no more spiritual place than the Augusta National, the Sunday before the Masters. The army of patrons that will descend when the gates open in the morning is now an army of painters, attacking the curbs in a last minute touch-up that will continue through the night. Ten full gallons of paint just for Magnolia Lane. A reminder that even if today is a relaxed affair, the Masters is just hours away.

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