Being a Masters champ

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One year ago today, Zach Johnson was just one of 96 golfers in the Masters field and exactly no one picked him to win. Now, he is returning as the defending champ after a calendar year has passed to let the win sink in.

Johnson stormed to the lead on Sunday and then held off Tiger Woods down the stretch for the win, his first in a major. That's when the fun started.

He was wisked away to New York for appearances on talk shows and late night TV. And even though he had just won golf's most prestigous event, he still had no trouble navigating the streets of Manhattan unnoticed, despite wearing his trophy.

That was just fine with him; he still didn't feel like a major champ.

"It's very surreal," Johnson explained while in New York. "Unbelievable. Not riding on very much sleep right now but I wouldn't have it any other way. I'm very blessed."

"I think our time commitment's gonna change a little bit," said wife, Kim. "He's gonna pulled in a few more directions and how they announce him off the tee's gonna change. He's gonna be Zach Johnson, Masters champion."

No doubt that will sound very good come Thursday morning.

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