Confusion over arena football equipment ownership

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News 12 at 6:00, April 4, 2007

AUGUSTA, Ga. --- It's the night of the second home Augusta Colts game and the turf is ready. But off the field, it's a different kind of game. The owner of Augusta's previous team, the Spartans, said it's an argument over who owns what. James Young said he paid $75,000 for the turf the games are played on.

"I want either compensation for it or I want to pick it up and take it with me," Spartans former co-owner, James Young said.

But the turf isn't the only thing he wants back. Young said he owns the goal posts, the pads on the side, and most of the equipment the Colts are playing with. He also said the office computers, and equipment are also his. Young said when John Sisson took over the team, he let him borrow the equipment.

"He just walked in there and started running the Colts. I supplied all that stuff and I want it back," Young said.

But his former business partner doesn't agree.

"We negotiated with the Augusta Colts to sell the team to them including all assets and that number came about and we said it was okay and we agreed to sell all assets with the team," Spartans former co-owner, Scott Gunter said.

The Arena Football Committee said the problem was not communicating.

"Everything that belongs to the Spartans is now being used by the Colts. And I want to resolve the ownership of that," Young said.

"I'm proud of the Augusta Colts and I wish them well. It was a deal that we cut and we should stick by that deal," Gunter said.

Young said this has hurt the relationship between the Spartans and the Colts.

"We just need to resolve this thing. I'm not trying to interfere with the Colts. Those are all the same players I had on my team and I'm not trying to hurt anybody," Young said.

An agreement was made at Friday's meeting. A deal has to be reached by April 14th. If not, it will go to court. The Colts John Sisson went to court and got a temporary restraining order against former Spartans co-owner Jimmy Young. For now, it orders Young to stay away from Sisson and stay out of the Colts business.

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