Boo brings unorthodox, easy-going approach to Augusta

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AUGUSTA, Ga---Ladies and gentleman, Boo Weekley. A 34-year-old Florida native who would much rather be hunting or fishing than walking the links on a sunny day. As a matter of fact, he only plans to play golf for about 10 more years. Just long enough, he figures, to make a bundle of cash that will support his other, more pressing interests.

He's happy about playing in the masters, but is more excited about getting his hands on some sweet tea than taking part in golf's grandest tournament. Believe it or not, Weekley didn't grow up watching the Masters and dreaming of a tee time.

"Actually, I haven't watched it," Weekley admits. "I don't watch hardly any golf on TV unless one of my buddies is up there or I'm trying to figure out where I'm ranked. I really don't know much about it to tell you the truth."

No kidding. Weekley is so brutally honest, you can't help but like this guy. I mean, imagine the talent needed to become one of the best in the world at something you're not even a fan of.

Weekly grew up in the small town of Milton, Florida and actually went to the same high school as fellow Masters rookies Bubba Watson and Heath Slocum and he's been known by the nickname Boo since he was a toddler. The story behind that name is, like everything else about him, entertaining.

"It comes from Yogi bear and Boo Boo the cartoons," Weekely explains. "I had it ever since I was probably about two or three. When my daddy or momma would come in, they'd holler, 'How 'bout you Boo Boo.' I'd go to gigglin' and rolling around so it stuck.

Boo's hoping he can stick around for the weekend in his first Masters as well.

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