Jags Return Home To Fans At the Airport

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News 12 @ 11 Sunday March 30, 2008
Augusta, Ga--Well they might not be considered heros in a lot circles, I'm sure some people around Augusta would consider the ASU basketball team hero's to them. Thus the welcome home earlier Sunday at the airport

Around 50 or so family, friends, and just fans showed up earlier this afternoon to welcome home the Jags after a job well done as they made it to the NCAA title game. Hugs, pictures and just a lot of love show to the boys in blue. They were even surprised by the turnout.

"I didn't really know all these fans were going to be here so it's a little shocking to me" said senior Demetrius Howard

Garret Siler added, "I thought maybe my mom or dad would come but it was a good little crowd so I was glad everybody was there."

"I was like, do you think anybody's going to be here Heather (Dip' wife), said Dip Metress. "She was like I'm sure there would be a few people and I was a little late getting Elizabeth (Dip's daughter) and we could hear people cheering and I was like wait a minute. A guy stopped me in the airport that played baseball at Augusta College back in the '90's, two other people in there stopped me and said great game. You don't realize how many people watched it."