The two sides of Dip

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AUGUSTA, Ga---During any given ASU game the pressure to succeed is pretty intense. You can see it on the bench with coach Dip Metress. You can also see it in the stands with his wife Heather, who at times can't bear to watch.

"Sometimes i'm sitting in the stands cheering, sometimes the games get too close so I go and hide and watch it in dip's office," said Heather. "I get too excited sometimes about the games."

Surprising or not, the ranting and raving Metress we see on the sidelines, is nothing like the one at home.

"He's very calm at home, goes to bed early. People would be surprised to see him laying around on the couch doing nothing. He gets nothing like he gets on the sidelines. I think Elizabeth does help some with that," adds heather.

Elizabeth is the nine year old daughter who's part of the team. She's also a large part of the daily routine where Dip takes her to school every day and like this past friday, picks her up after school and before practice.

"I remember telling Elizabeth at the beginning of the semester I'm going to come get you every friday at four," said Metress. "You can come back to the gym and she'll even go in and shoot baskets. Sometimes at the end of practice she'll shoot a free throw to finish practice. Two weeks ago she missed a free throw so she had to run the sprint."

"Sshe thinks she knows who needs to play and who doesn't need to play and so she's always giving him a little advice as wel,l" added Heather.

Elizabeth isn't alone in that department.

"At least she doesn't tell me how to utilize my timeouts like my wife does. "Utilize your timeouts" Metress says, mimicking his wife.

"I give him advice about timeouts. I always thinks he doesn't use them effectively and he always tells me I don't know basketball and he's probably right," added Dip's wife.

Whether ASU cuts the nets down in Massachussetts or not, you know Elizabeth and Heather will be right there to enjoy the moments.

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