Bengals demote holdout Pollack to third string

GEORGETOWN, Ky. (AP) -- Rookie David Pollack was expected to be the Cincinnati Bengals' starting strong-side linebacker. But with the first-round draft pick from Georgia continuing his contract holdout, coach Marvin Lewis has demoted Pollack to third on the depth chart.

As of Tuesday, the holdout reached 12 days, and Pollack had dropped behind Landon Johnson and Marcus Wilkens.

Rookie Odell Thurman, Pollack's teammate at Georgia, is still listed as the starting middle linebacker.

Pollack was the 17th overall pick in the NFL draft and is being asked to make the conversion to linebacker from the defensive tackle and end positions he played in college.

Despite his absense, Pollack remains big in the Bengals' plans. But it could take some time to get up to speed as a starter.