Herschel Walker Revels He Has Multiple Personalities

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News 12 @ 6 Jan 18, 2008
ATLANTA (AP) -- Georgia football legend Herschel Walker is
expected to reveal in an upcoming book that he has multiple
personalities -- a revelation that surprises the man who coached
the 1982 Heisman Trophy winner.
Former Georgia coach Vince Dooley said -- quote -- "That's all
news to me. All I know is whatever personality he had when he had
the football was the one I liked."
According to Shida Carr, the book's publicist at Simon And
Schuster, "Breaking Free" will chronicle Walker's life with
multiple personality disorder.
Carr said the book will be published in August, but gave no
other details and declined to provide excerpts.
Carr told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, "There's some buzz
out there and we're letting people know we have this book coming
Multiple personality disorder, also known as dissociative
identity disorder, is a rare mental condition in which one person
has two or more distinct personalities, according to the Merck
Manual of Medical Information.

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