Junior Expects Big Things With New Team

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News 12 @ 6
Daytona, Fl--We're just 32 days away from the Daytona 500 and the action is already heating up with the Sprint Cup guys cranking out practice laps on the famed speedway.

Plenty of attention to one particular driver, that of course being Dale Earnhardt Junior. The most popular guy on the circuit has a new ride and a new owner having left the organization his dad built and now drives for Hendrick Motorsports, who's become the most dominating team today. With the switch, Earnhardt knows he might not get away with as much as he use to.

"I grew up over the years," said Dale Earnhardt Jr. "When I first started I could get away with saying things and getting quoted certain ways and be able to get away with it working for my daddy. My job now is to stay out of Rick's office."

Rick, being car owner Rick Hendrick. In the five days of practice thus far, Junior has posted the fastest lape at just under 186 miles an hour. For those of you who might not know. He's now a teammate of Jeff Gordon and Jimmie Johnson.