AHL call-ups may help Lynx

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AUGUSTA---The Augusta Lynx have received a boost that immediately shows on the stat sheet. When two of your best scorers come back to the team from call-ups it's a little easier to put the puck through the pipes. What may not be as apparent, is what players learn when they do spend time at a higher level and how that helps the overall team when they return.

After a mediocre first period as the team tried to find it's footing Tuesday night and get reaquianted, Augusta took off. four goals in the 2nd andone1 in the 4th for a 6-4 win. That includes a goal from Ryan Dingle, just back from the AHL and 4 total points from recently returned Aaron Slattengren.

Both spent a handful of games in the American Hockey League and noticed the difference right away. A different kind of hockey that can't help but give them an advantage when they return to their former team.

"Just every level in the NHL and on down to here, every level's faster," Dingle says. " Guys are stronger, quicker. Obviously, these guys have a chance, including myself to progress, move up."

That, of course, the goal of every skater on the ice and with each call-up, even if it's just a cup of coffee, they get closer to making a home at the higher levels.

The Lynx hit the ice at the James Brown Arena again tomorrow night at 7:05 against Florida.

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