Pacers Continue To Shine Brightly On The Court

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News 12 @ 6 Jan 7, 2008

11 games into the college basketball season, the Pacers of U.S.C. Aiken continue to be a major surprise. In the same breath, don't count on 'em going away. A roster laiden with talent is primed for big things in the Peach Belt Conference.

Take this into consideration, the Pacer lineup features a number of guys who weren't even with the team a year ago. But two Division One transfers, Chris Commons and Jeremey Fears have played large rolls in the team's success. So too has a little thing called attitude. With a vast background this team could have struggled to gel. They haven't and everyone knows why.

"We have a lot of new players but the most important thing is that we just want to win." said Cordaryl Ballard. "Usually when you have Division One transfers, it's a different type of thing but we all just want to win and that's what makes us mesh well together."

Vince Alexander said, "We've been really blessed to have these guys come in and have the chemistry they've had already. It's a blessing and it's a blessing to watch them off the court as well as on the court."

On and off the court the pacers do pretty much together. On the court they have four players averaging double figures with their lone loss coming at the hands of the fourth ranked team in the nation. Pacers are on the road wednesday to take on frnacis marion.