Arena football in Augusta gets a makeover

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AUGUSTA---For the third time in as many seasons, Augusta's arena football team is in a new league. That's not the only difference between this year and last however. The team not only plays in a league with more than four teams this time around but they're starting fresh with a brand new look and name.

The public was officially introduced to the Augusta Colts Thursday afternoon. The team unveiled their brand new logos and some familiar faces to Augusta football fans. New General Manager, John Sisson, who most people might best recognize as the man behind the mask at Greenjacket games as Sting the mascot, among others, has built a team around the foundation of the old Augusta Spartans.

Bubba Diggs will be the head coach and team named Spartans MVP, Marvin Stone, as their franchise player.

"They(the Colts) have just showed me alot of community support," says Stone. "Things, other than football, that we'll be doing in the community. Being that I'm from Augusta, it will be nice to get back in the community."

The team also annouced plans to retire jersey number nine in honor of the fans. Since arena football is an eight man sport, they want the fans to be recognized as the ninth man.

The team opens at the James Brown Arena, March 13th.

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