Georgia Passed Over For Title Game, Get Trip To Sugar Bowl

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Dec. 2nd News 12 @ 11

ATHENS, Ga. (AP) -- Never before has a Sugar Bowl announcement
involving Georgia been met with mixed emotions on the Georgia
campus, but that was the reality tonight.
Georgia players and coaches hoped for a spot in the national
championship game after losses by the nation's two top-ranked teams
last night. Instead, Number 4 Georgia didn't budge in the polls but
instead saw Southeastern Conference champion Louisiana State move
past the Bulldogs into the national title game against Ohio State.
Georgia coach Mark Richt said he is excited that his team would
face Number. 10 Hawaii in the Sugar Bowl on January first, but he
also expressed disappointment that Georgia was denied a spot in the
biggest game in New Orleans one week later.
Richt said, "I do believe that all the media who had the voice,
who had the ears of the nation and the voters, they basically
disqualified us and Kansas. They said we're out because we didn't
win the conference championship, which I thought was wrong because
the rules don't say that."
Added Richt: "It's a very, very imperfect system. It becomes a
beauty contest at a certain point."
After the Sugar Bowl announcement, Richt told his players they
will wear the black jerseys they unveiled in an emotional win over
Richt also called on Georgia fans to again wear black.