Another Name Change For Augusta Indoor Football

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November 6, News 12 @ 6

Augusta, Ga-- Once again those fans of indoor football in Augusta will have to get use to a new team name. While the players might stay the same for the most part, the team name has been changed for the Augusta Spartans to the Augusta Colts.

The announcement came this afternoon as the team will also be in a new league. With the World Indoor Football League folding, the Colts are joining the more established American Indoor Football Association. 14 teams from coast to coast make up the league which should also get more national attention. Bubba Diggs remains head coach and is still looking to draw on the local guys.

"We've got good talent here." said head coach Bubba Diggs. "I'm still looking for the local guys to come up. We have a tryout this weekend on the 10th at Butler high school. It's going to be good andI''m excited about it."

There's new management as well. John Sission takes over as general manager while current owner Jimmie Young will be a limited parter as the franchise is finding other investors.