ASU Basketball Coach Gets Clocked During Victory

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News 12 @ 11 Mon. Nov. 5

Augusta, Ga. -- We all know basketball, at times, can be a rough sport. Bumps and bruises are the norm. That's for the players. But the head coach? Well you might expect it in practice, but not a game. That brings us to Augusta State Head Coach Dip Metress, who's been supporting a black eye since this past Thursday. It happened at the end of their exhibition win over the College of Charleston. You see, Ben Madgen hit the game winning three pointer, with just a few seconds left and was turning around to run back down court when Metress was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

"Yea, I really didn't mean to hit him," said Ben Madgen. "But I just turned around after I hit the shot and he was kind of running down the sidelines and my elbow just caught him in the eye. I got a few high fives and them saying they wish they could have done it. It's all in good fun; I didn't get in much trouble for it."

"Nobody knew I got hit except Robbie (McKinlay),” said coach Dip Metress with a grin. "He said, ‘you OK’? I said ‘yea, what happened’, I got hit. Are we going to switch the ball screen? I don't know what we're doing right now because my head's hurting. Then they called another time out and after that I was able to gather myself and explain it; I got a pretty good one. Robbie said it best, ‘it's every players dream to pop me one time’ and Ben got the privilege of doing it and caught me pretty good."

Black eye and all, Coach Metress and the rest of the jags hit the road on Tuesday to take on Clemson. The Tigers are ranked just outside the top 25 in the nation.

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