Gerolstein Sets The Bar High In All Aspects

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News 12 @ 11 Monday Oct. 29

Aiken, SC -- Volleyball and molecular biology, they don't exactly go together. Well, maybe they do. For one USC Aiken volleyball player, the two go hand and hand.

Mandy Gerolstein, Lady Pacer volleyball player. A uniform many have seen before. Mandy Gerolstein biology major, a lab coat the uniform she spends probably more time in. But she puts the utmost intensity into both.

"If you realize how much intensity and work you put into it, you get so much output." said Mandy Gerolstein "That's true for anything you do. The more work, the more practice you do in lab the better the results are going to be, the more you'll be able to pull away from it."

It's not just biology she's studying. How bout molecular biology where she researches H.I.V. and ways to inhibit the replacation through various ribozymes...uh, yea.......but this is her passion!!!!

Gerolstein added, " You might be doing the same procedures over and over but you're always finding out and extracting new informationand being able to create a picture with all these pieces, it's like creating a Mosaic, one piece at a time to get the whole picture, that's real exciting to me."

"She's been involved in this for a few years so i'm kind of up to speed but she uses words that i have no idea what they mean." said coach Will Condon

So how does volleyball fit into all this? Well, she's probably the best player in the conference and one of the best ever to suit up for the Pacers. Somehow she finds the time for it all.

Coach Condon added, "You combine the practice time, the time in the training room and rehab with the lab time it adds up. There are only so many hours in a day and i don't know how she does it."

"Volleyball is kind of my outlet, it's what i enjoy to do, it's my stress reliever and it what brings a lot of joy to my life." said Mandy with a smile.

But the true joy maybe yet to come.

"I'd really love to work on alzheimer's. It's a late onset disease so it doesn't always receive the most attention. But i think that would be real interesting to study and that runs in my family and that's why it has a particular interest to me." said Gerolstein.

This is Mandy's senior season, afterwards, grad school to get her P.H.D. For the Pacer volleyball team. They're back in action wednesday night at the Convocation Center