Lynx ready for new season

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AUGUSTA---We are now less than two days away from the start of hockey season in Augusta and the Lynx got on their home ice for the first time this morning. That leaves just a few practices to get used to the ice at the James Brown Arena before it starts to count. With more than a handful of rookies and quite a bit of inexperience, the learning curve for this year's team will be steep.

2nd year Lynx center, Aaron Slattengren though, think the youth could work in Augusta's favor. "The emotion the young guys bring is a key thing for us now," says Slattengren. "Especially in the beginning of the season, everything is new to them and it should be a good start."

We'll have more on the lynx in the next couple of days as they prep for the Texas Wildcatters this Friday night.

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