Greenbrier softball coach battles cancer

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News 12 @ 6 Sept 25, 2007

Evans, Ga--Every year nearly a hundred and fifty thousand people are diagnosed with colon cancer. It really hits home when it's someone close.

Three months ago 53 year old Mark Moseley's life changed forever with a routine doctor's exam.

Mark Moseley said, "A normal routine colonoscopy, that was on june 26th, they found colon cancer and the prescribed course of action was chemo and radiation for six weeks and now I have surgery in October."

Moseley has a support group to help him like none other. He's a long time assistant coach of the Greenbrier softball team and has 30 "daughters" who've helped in his fight.

"We try to win every game we can for him, we do it in his name." said Greenbrier softball player Elizabeth Gaston. "We know he has it a lot worse then we do right now."

Thus the phrase "so what?" it's the team monniker for the year. Moseley himself came up with the tee shirt idea and added a line to it.

Head coach Garrett Black said, "I'm just glad he's got softball and these girls because it means a lot to him. And I think its really taken his mind off the cancer treatments and just everything that's been going on"

Moseley's undergone radiation and chemotherapy that's caused him to miss some practices and a couple of tournaments. But he never really thought about not coaching. Afterall the girls catch him up on what he missed.

"It was said that he wasn't there because he's always in the dugout cheering us on." said senior Bethany Anderson. "but we called him right after the game so he knew everything that happened."

Today Moseley's strength has returned and he's coaching like any other day.

"I know like that he can get sick and stuff and it surprises me that he's out in this heat" said Anderson.

"All the doctors gave me the same advice," added Moseley. "they said the best way to fight cancer is mentally. It's all a positive mental attitude, and do everything you normally do as long as you feel like doing it. Take a nap when you're tired and eat everything in sight, so I mean what's wrong with this."

With that attitude and the girls going to bat for him, this is one battle moseley's likely to win.

Moseley's prognosis is good and doctors are hoping he'll be cancer free following his october surgery. It also means he'll miss Greenbrier's regional and state tournament. But he expects to be kept abreast every step of the way.