Frustrated drivers fear dangerous turn for 'Riverwatch Speedway'

By: Sheli Muniz Email
By: Sheli Muniz Email
Riverwatch Speedway

Some drivers complain Riverwatch Parkway is turning into more of a speedway than a roadway. (WRDW-TV / June 26, 2012)

News 12 at 11 o'clock / Tuesday, June 26, 2012

AUGUSTA, Ga. -- It's a stretch of road in Augusta that many of you drive every day. If you are heading downtown or to the medical district, most likely you'll take Riverwatch Parkway.

Some are taking to the web to take out their frustrations on what people are saying is a free zone, calling it "Riverwatch Speedway."

Driver Robert Horne likes to compare it to, "kind of like the Indianapolis 500."

Either way, you may have noticed.

"People drive crazy. They don't care how they drive going up there. They run over you and run into you," Horne said.

Recently, it's fueling complaints. Some have taken to Craigslist. They claim the guardrails tell when speeding on this 55 mph road has proven dangerous or deadly.

So, News 12 went to see for ourselves, equipped with our speed gun. We witnessed drivers going well over 55 mph and that was during rush hour.

"Nobody patrols it. It's kind of like a 'do your own thing zone,'" Horne said.

Marquitta Graham drives down the road every day for work

"Sometimes, you come out here and there are cops. I think it's like the first of every month," Graham said.

So, we took those complaints to Richmond County Sheriff's deputies who say it's a hot spot for tickets.

"Just about every day we work, he's up there. He issues several tickets," said Lt. J.R. Compton.

When asked if Graham is one of those speedy drivers, she replied, "Now you put me on the spot. Yes, I have been. Cover my license plate."

Kidding aside, parkway or speedway, drivers just fear a dangerous turn.

"I would hate for there to be a tragedy on Riverwatch if the speeding is really causing a problem," Graham said.

As for enforcement on that road, it's not one they can put speed bumps on. They ask for "voluntary compliance," meanwhile, they say they have several speed traps, but they just couldn't disclose their secrets.

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