Driver charged in truck wreck that killed 2 teens

Midday, May 23, 2007

COLUMBIA CTY, Ga.---Charges have been filed in this month's Columbia County pickup truck wreck that killed two young people.

The driver, Brandon Newman, was arrested last night.

The charges include two counts of homicide by motor vehicle, DUI, an open container, and reckless and too fast driving.

Newman has bonded out of jail.

Deputies say Newman's truck ran off Harlem-Grovetown Road and hit a pine tree May 13. That killed his brother, Cameron Newman, and passenger Mallory Jason.

Brandon Newman and a 16-year-old girl were thrown out and spent time in the hospital for injuries.

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  • by keisha Location: harlem on Jun 20, 2007 at 11:12 AM
    I think the two families are going through enough at a time like this.Do you really think it's ok to down a young man who made a bad choice that night to have to hear and go through all this negitive talk, when he killed his brother (his best friend) and Mallory?We all have made bad choices at one time or another.I know how it feels when something horriable hits your family like a fire ball so hard and so quick!!My brother's 2year old son Kole Aden Ford was recently hit and killed by a Columbia County School Bus driver!!Why,because her to made a bad choice to go down a private driveway that day. Again, let me say at sometime or another we have ALL made bad choices,but some didn't cause death to your famil like it has mine and Mallory and Brandon's families.I know how it feels when people dont understand that your family is going through enough right now,you need time to grive first,but most people feed by being negitive about the situation.Put yourself in their shoes and quit being so negitive and instead pray and support these families while their at their lowest!!!Yall are in my thoughts and prayers always!!Be strong and god will get yall through these hard times. Keisha McElroy
  • by Anonymous on Jun 20, 2007 at 04:06 AM
    ya'll are all ignorant .. get a life and quit arguing back and forth on this site! rest in peace mallory and cameron- ya'll are in a better place now .. and get well soon brandon and sarah! i love you all .. and im praying for the families :D
  • by ---*--- on May 30, 2007 at 10:15 PM
    i love mallory and i will continue loving her, i am praying for all the families involved in this..but i will not agure with any of u people, incase ya'll havent noticed this is all in God's hands now*
  • by Someone long gone Location: A better place on May 28, 2007 at 02:11 PM
    "If a frog had wings, he wouldn't bump his butt every time he hopped..." The news media needs to remove these comment blogs-enough people are already hurting-and the 'heartless mouths' have no clue to do anything other than be 'heartless mouths', like Gladys Cravitz. Then there are the litte wanna be 'gangstas' and never be adults. Get off line and go work in a TBI unit for a while-or a neonatal ICU. See the real damage left behind. Learn from life and go forward.
  • by Anonymous on May 28, 2007 at 03:10 AM
    To all of his friends who came onto this site to insult everybody who commented about the driver being drunk, WAKE UP.. This guy is an idot and so are you. He decided to get drunk, speed around a corner and kill his brother and another girl. He should be locked up for 25 years and that still wouldn't be enough. What kind of idot is this guy? And for all of his friends who want to defend him.. You will make the same poor decisions until you realize how stupid he is and how stupid his actions were. Now, go visit the graves of these 2 young people and learn a lesson. Or, watch the tiral and see how fast your life can be changed when you get locked up for stupid actions. This kind of behavior is ridiculous and is preventable. DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE... HOW MANY TIMES DO YOU PEOPLE HAVE TO HEAR THAT? WAKE UP!!!!!!!!
  • by Unknown Location: Unknown on May 25, 2007 at 02:45 PM
    First to both the families you are in my prayers and alot of other peoples too!To all of you that are lost without these friends, time will heal you, but PLEASE think it wasn't you who lost your children! so please stop arguing.I have just one more thing to ask, what about this graduation party where the parents knew about the underage drinking going on. Shouldn't their be some questions asked about that??
  • by Starr Location: Augusta on May 25, 2007 at 01:14 PM
    Ok I understand that the person that chose to get behind the wheel of the vehicle willingly that night was Brandon. I understand that three other people willingly got into the same vehicle. I understand that everyone knew that the person willingly behind the wheel had been drinking. What I dont understand is how everyone else can sit back and act like Brandon intentionally set out to kill 2 people and forever change his life and the life of the other passanger that survived. Every time you get in a car you are taking a chance of not getting to your destination alive. Studies have shown that doing anything else at the same time you are driving increases your chance of having an accident. Studies have shown that alcohol does impair your ability to think, reason and slows your reaction time. Laws have been created to protect people from instances like this. Brandon willingly drank alcohol. Brandon willingly got behind the wheel of that vehicle. Brandon willingly let other's get in the vehicle with him knowing he had willingly consumed alcohol. Brandon willingly drove that vehicle. Brandon was slow to react to a situation that if he had been clear headed and no alohol been in his system he would probably been able to avoid completely. Did you notice the word probably? What if Brandon had not been drinking at all? What if he had been completely sober and still have the same outcome? People think about this the next time you get into your car to drive, think about the what if's...
  • by Chasity Location: Grovetown on May 25, 2007 at 12:41 PM
    It's very easy to sit and pass judgement on another person especially if the situation is not your own. What happened was a terrible tragedy for everyone involved. Sit back and really ask yourself this question "What if I was the one this happened to?" What if I lost 2 people I cared about and had everyone now passing judgement and basically saying you are no better than the common serial killer. Grow up and please quit blaming anyone and everyone including Brandon. I say this as a close friend of Brandons and just as a down right NORMAL human being. Bashing the one you think caused this does not bring Cameron or Mallory back and do you really honestly feel that these two people would hate Brandon or say the nasty things most of you have? I don't and certainly whowever truly knew these 2 wouldn't either. Be mad yes, grieve, throw rocks at people if it makes you feel better but just back off Brandon, He has and will continue to go through enough without all of this. I love you very much Brandon and RIP Cameron and Mallory.
  • by A Friend of His on May 25, 2007 at 10:20 AM
    This is such a touchy subject. Yes, Brandon drank and drove. BUT- it only takes 3 beers to blow what he blew. For those of you who dont know, it was a .08 in his toxicology report! Not a DUI for any other situation but this one because of the deaths. Yes, we ALL lost Cam and Mallory, but why cant we somewhat rejoice in that they're in heaven! They both love Brandon more than words can explain and for everyone to bicker and fight about "he did it, its his fault.." blah blah, why not think about the fact that he lost two people he loves. Brandon will be justified in court. Hopefully his plea bargain and lawyer will do their job and get his charges reduced to as little as possible. He is going to be paying for this for the rest of his life. The conviction he feels on his heart is already unbearable, nothing prison or jail could compare to. People say he shows no remorse, do you sit on his porch/at his house/on the phone/in his presence and listen to the pain and see the tears well up in his eyes? I think not. I know those who lost Mallory have resentment and dont feel they can forgive him right now, but in time, god will allow the pain to fade and the memories will replace them. Reguardless of what anyone says- the love between Brandon/Cam and Brandon/Mallory...its a love that will eternally dwell in his heart. A love that no one will take away. The pain- only god can relieve. If I know Cameron at all, this is tearing him up to see his brother go through this, and if i know anything about the love i hear Mallory had for Brandon...she is crying daily for the hurt of her loved one. Stop pointing fingers, stop judging what happened, the decision to get in that truck was made by each person. They were grown enough to make their own decision. We love you Cameron/Mallory. RIP... Brandon, you're in our prayers.
  • by Na Location: Na on May 25, 2007 at 08:56 AM
    half of you people expect everyone to forget about what has happend and forgive Brandon??? How could anyone expect that...HARMLESS DRINKING??? Holly if you think that was harmless then you need to get help..Two young lives were taken from drinking.One being one of my very close friends. You also say that you and your friends do not do any drugs I find that hard to believe when I have seen it with my own eyes, but when the drug test comes back everyone will know.People go to jail everyday because of circumstances just like this one. It never matters who was killed and how they were related to each other.IT LIFE! OPEN YOUR EYES.Everything has consequences for actions. Why should he be treated different than anyone else that is sitting in jail right now. RIP Mallory..I love you
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