New short list of names released for 'New U'

By: Staff Email
By: Staff Email
New U naming

University officials are reaching out to the community to choose a name for the newly-consolidated schools. (WRDW-TV / June 15, 2012)

News 12 at 11 o'clock / Wednesday, June 27, 2012

AUGUSTA, Ga. -- On Wednesday night, the branding committee announced the new list of names for the "New U."

After student petitions and community polls, last week they decided to go back to the drawing board for a list of names. Students say they're just ready for a decision.

"Are my diplomas even gonna match names?" asked Sara Kahn, a resident at Georgia Health Sciences University.

"It's actually funny because my diploma from dental school we had the option of having MCG or GHSU and our class was really split, a lot of people thought no one really know this new name and now that I'm a resident I again have that dilemma," she said.

She said she's ready to just choose one name and stick with it.

"I've actually started applying for jobs and no one's heard of this new [name]," she said. "They're like what school do you go to, and it's just a pain to have to explain the name transition so many times."

That's important to the branding committee as well.

"We definitely want a name that will resonate well 50 years from now that we can be very proud of and will not become dated or lose its prestige over time so that is really one of the main criteria we're looking for," said Carol Rychly with Augusta State University.

They think any of these six new names work: University of Augusta, George Walton University, Augusta University, Bartram University, Georgia National University and Georgia Regents University.

"We will be meeting in two weeks and at that point we will be expected to come away with three names, but there's a lot of work to be done in the meantime," said Gretchen Caughman with Georgia Health Sciences University.

It's a lot of complicated research that had to boil down to three simple things. It has to be concise -- no more than three words. It had to have university in the name but not health or medicine.

"We're looking for something that has both state and national and global resonance and something that really gets across the message that we really are a new comprehensive university," Rychly said.

For Kahn, she wishes the new name could include medicine but if she had to choose from these she'd choose Georgia Regents University.

The names are just suggestions. The Georgia Board of Regents can choose any name they want and they will make that decision on Aug. 8.

Initial report:

AUGUSTA, Ga. -- The Branding Work Team for the "New U" has submitted a new short list of names to the consolidation committee.

These names are being considered for the consolidated version of Augusta State University and Georgia Health Sciences University.

The Consolidation Working Group is expected to narrow down the list to three by the end of July, which will then be submitted to the Georgia Board of Regents. The Board of Regents will make the final decision during its August meeting.

The final list of names includes:

  • University of Augusta
  • George Walton University
  • Augusta University
  • Bartram University
  • Georgia National University
  • Georgia Regents University

The Branding Work Team has representatives from both schools and came up with the list after asking for public input and market research.

“The name should be future-focused. We're thinking about the next 50 years and beyond,” said GHSU President Ricardo Azziz in a news release. “It is a central part of our identity and will influence the opinions of all who come in contact with us. If we aspire to be one of the nation’s great universities, we have to look like one, act like one, and sound like one.”

Other names that were considered but didn't make the cut include:

  • Georgia Commonwealth University
  • Georgia University
  • Georgia Southeastern University
  • Georgia Arts & Medicine University
  • Georgia University of Arts & Sciences
  • Georgia Eastern University
  • Georgia United University
  • Georgia Excelsior University
  • Georgia Alliance University
  • UGA - Augusta
  • Georgia Arts & Sciences University

You can find out more information about the consolidation here.

Which of the suggested names for the "New U" do you like the best?

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